ongoing projects :

MOCQUA is a member of the associate teams :

  • TC(Pro)³ : Termination and Complexity Properties of Probabilistic Programs;
  • QASAR : Quantum Architectures, Small and Reliable.

past projects :

  • ANR PRCI (France-Singapour) VanQuTe: Validation des technologies quantiques émergentes [LIP6, LORIA, SUTD, NUS, NTU] (2018-2022) [Simon Perdrix]
  • PIA-GDN/Quantex [Atos-Bull, LORIA, LRI, CEA/Leti] (2018-2020) [Simon Perdrix]
  • STIC-AmSud project FoQCoSS: Foundations of Quantum Computation: Syntax and Semantics (2016-2017), STIC-AmSud 16-STIC-05. [Simon Perdrix]
  • LUE Future Leader [Simon Perdrix]